our story

BBB was conceptualised by Paul and myself, (Lisa Dempsey) way back in the late 90’s.  Having returned from his world travels with me, his newly wedded South African born wife, it was Paul's dream to one day build on the acre of land he had bought in the 80’s with a lot of overtime pay (those were the days!)

We knew that with our combined hospitality skill set – Paul is an excellent, thoroughly experienced, Chef & I a real peoples person, (who can cook and clean too)!  With our natural creative abilities and a boot full of inspiration from of working in one of the top safari lodges in South Africa we knew without a doubt we could create our dream of our own sustainable lifestyle business

It was a labour of love, one eyed persistence; incredibly hard work and some big challenging setbacks along the way.  The stories, little cameo’s of BBB’s evolvement are too many to mention on paper.  Give us the opportunity, we could talk your head off with tales! 

Here we are 20 years later. BBB has taken on a life of its own. Deep in our hearts we feel it was always meant to be, and deeper still we are so very grateful to be custodians of this magical space and place - tied with the tangle of ti-tree and coastal bush to the magnificent Bass Strait coastline of the Mornington Peninsula on the South Eastern coastline of Australia


Paul - owner & chef