There’s something quite fabulous driving down to the Peninsula.  Especially when you get off the freeway and wind your way further along down towards the southern tip, otherwise known as the ‘sexy end’ of the Peninsula  On your right, is the glorious Port Phillip Bay, behind you the ‘top of the world’ Arthurs Seat and to your left, which is the way you are headed, is the magnificent Bass Straits.  On any day you can drive for 30 minutes and have 4 vastly different landscape experiences – that is the beauty of this Peninsula and the fact it’s only taken you just over 1 hour to get here!

At this time of the year, mid autumn, daylight savings has just ended and the air is softer the dry land waiting for winter rains. as you get closer and closer to the small coastal community of St Andrews Beach you start to smell the salt in the air.  You could find it an unexpected entry to Big Blue Backyard’s promise of seclusion, bush, ocean & silence. Hang in there, the promise is true. That’s what’s magical about arriving at BBB, exploring the path to YOUR hideaway.

on the day of your arrival we TEXT YOU DIRECTIONS AND ACCESS DETAILS TO YOUR HIDEAWAY as soon as we have it perfectly prepared. You are can to arrive and self check in anytime from then.

BBB official time of check in is anytime from 3pm but you will probably get your text well before then.

We, Paul & Lisa are your hosts for you time at Big Blue Backyard, you’ll find us at the main house – not far from your hideaway.  Please do pop in to say hello if you feel like it, grab a bottle of wine, or directions to a place you would like to go, we would love to help.   it’s really important THAT YOU KNOW, if you just prefer to hideaway, please do just that!

When you are staying more than a night, your hideaway will be refreshed & replenished between 12noon & 2pm.  Feel free to pop over and organise another time if this doesn’t suit, or text us.


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