BBB’s core value is to persistently create and deliver sustainable secluded experiences for all our guests

BBB’s commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in:

  • all cleaning materials used at bbb are 100% natural and sustainable and 99% biodegradable. they are made up of a mixture of natural colloidal agents and plant based essential oils including clove, cypress, savoury, mint, eucalyptus, pine, rosemary and thyme.
  • linen and towels are sun, air & wind dried and bbb has a small tumble dryer for guest convenience.
  • guest amenities are made from natural ingredients (olive and essential oils) and sourced locally.
  • garden path lighting is low energy and on sensors. bbb is currently part way through a process of replacing conventional to led globes within this area.
  • interior lighting is low energy or led
  • all waste is treated on site. grey and black water passes through the treatment plant and is recycled to the garden, assisting the re-vegetation of the site.
  • all green waste is treated within the property. weeding is by hand (no chemicals are used) and then composted.
  • storm damaged, fallen and dead tree branches are all mulched on site and spread back onto the garden.
  • all paper, cardboard, glass and cans are recycled, leaving minimal general waste. all food waste is composted, creating valuable nutrients for the vegetable and herb garden, produce of which is used in the food preparation for the guest menus.
  • wherever possible the kitchen uses produce which is seasonal and purchased locally.

Further sustainable applications that big blue backyard has embraced:

  • daylight power is produced on site by 30 solar panels that span the main house roof
  • the design of the main house is passive solar.
  • building materials, wherever possible were sourced from sustainable renewable choices.
  • locally sourced and (handpicked) granite was used to create the winter heat bank on the southern wall, releasing the warmth in the chill of the evening and aiding cooling in the summer.
  • with the aid of maximum ceiling and wall insulation as well as thermal mass in the ceiling, there is no need for air conditioning in the main house or the hideaways. two hideaways do have reverse cycle airconditioning/heating.  each hideaway has ceiling fans as an option for cooling.
  • although the area is well bushed with local tea tree (leptospermum laevigatum) and coastal beard-heath (leucopogam parviflories) research shows prior to the lime burning history of the area, the plant diversity was much more extensive. with this in mind paul, chef and owner, has undertaken a propagating and planting program over the last ten years to increase the indigenous diversity.

species added to existing limited varieties are:

drooping she oak, boobialla, coast daisy bush, moonah ,coast pomaderris, native violet, white correa kangaroo apple, coast tussack grass, coast sword sedge.