Monday morning walks

I am daring to say it….there was an autumnal feel in the air this morning on my deliciously long beach track walk.  Mondays are always a special ‘I spy what my neighbours have done to their gardens on the weekend’ walk!. 

I know summer is not over by a long shot! (fingers crossed) It’s the middle of February for goodness sake and I for one still look forward to and appreciate the long light-filled evenings, the mauve twilight skies, those hot sticky 30+degree days and of course the coolness of those briny St Andrews Beach rock pools moments away down the bush track

There is an autumnal feel in the air at St Andrews Beach

But that little  ‘snapshot’ feel of autumn reminded me what there is to look forward to. 

Autumn on the Peninsula

Autumn on the Peninsula tends to slow the pace.  Graceful curls of orange on the leaves of the apple orchards in Red Hill colour the cloudless blue skies with delightful tartness.  Flinders pier seems to hover higher off the water as if the coolness happening below has got it tiptoeing endlessly towards the Piers & Pinot Weekend on the 8th of March.  (Always a delicious way to imbibe @lunchtime). Details here

Boneo Market (on the 3rd Saturday of each month) at the local Boneo primary school on the corner of Limestone and Boneo Road (in case you are wondering where it is?!!) 8am start seems to sparkle a little more than in summertime, with whiffs of warm breath mingling to the smells of coffee cart provisions and delicious creations from the local baking stalls.

Autumn Vines on the Mornington Peninsula

Vineyards, galleries, main street shopping, Flinders, Sorrento, Mornington, Red Hill,  are all shyly replenished by the freshness of the air and lessened traffic both foot and vehicle making the very most of each day knowing that winter will be here like autumn, like spring, like Christmas ….. BEFORE WE KNOW IT!

The dunes at Big Blue Backyard St Andrews Beach

Book a weekend away at one of our secluded hideaways at Big Blue Backyard and enjoy all the beauty the peninsula has on show at this time of year. Take a look at just some of the events happening down our neck of the woods and visit our website for all the gorgeous details.

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