Yoga Comes to BBB

Private yoga class. We are thrilled to bring this offering to you!

Hello, I am ebony, – your private yoga instructor & facial therapist, working in collaboration with Lisa & Paul from big blue backyard BBB – Mornington peninsula’s favourite beachside luxury hideaway for couples. I’m so excited to be present to you this exclusive offering. I have been blessed with a fabulous career working on super-yachts all over the world in some of the most beautiful and remote places on earth. So I believe I can truly say that I think BBB is completely individual and uniquely world class romantic getaway experience for couples.

Private yoga class what I am offering to you, guests @ BBB is divinely exclusive. My attention will be entirely yours for the duration we are together. Our initial connection will be to discover your specific needs and design the perfect signature yoga class, which is solely yours! I am guided by knowledge, experience, intuition and my combined skill set of massage, reiki & meditation. My attentions and intentions are to provide you with total care that will noticeably transform your state of being. the class will be completely tailored towards the benefits you need. the options are broad;

· vinyasa flow for energy and vitality

· mellow flow for calm, and presence

· relaxation or targeted stretches to open specific areas of the body and find grounding.

Of course these styles can be combined and if you’re unsure I am happy to take control. Couples yoga comes highly recommended. What could be more delicious than sharing this moment together to fully immerse yourselves in the eb & flow/BBB experience? Just the two of you in the silence of the bush with sunlight on your skin and the roar of the ocean in the distance. To complete our time together and earth your practice I will use my experience as a massage therapist along with my hand created balms to work with you in your savasana; taking you to bliss!

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